School Base Services



C&C Advocacy Inc. provides an intense support suite for students in schools to inculcate hope in their futures. “Character Coaches” diligently work with students assisted by “Licensed Student Support Workers” to redirect their vision and assist them in making better life choices. The program offers a unique and comprehensive array of services.



Student Support Suite Includes:

  • Attendance Support
  • Academic Support
  • Character Development (Weekly Curriculum)
  • Job Readiness and Placement
  • Character/Athletics Program
  • After School Enrichment
  • Summer Enrichment





Character Development

The purpose of the Character Development Program is to build interest and increase student’s awareness of the importance of good character and living well rounded lifestyles. We use a strengths-based approach to teach young people the basics of self awareness, and self actualization through goal setting and group interactions. Character Coaches are present at schools daily. He/She works to solidify the school culture with a extreme focus around decreasing negative student interactions, teacher referrals, and managing a case load of under-resourced students (formerly known as “at-risk”) , holding “Weekly Character Development Circles,” and training a cadre of “Character Ambassadors” (who serve as student/peer character coaches).





Job Readiness and Placement

Our Job Readiness and Placement program aims to give young people a competitive edge in the job market. Students receive extensive training in resume building, interview techniques, career exploration, networking and educational advancement. Graduates are able to strategically navigate the job market with the on-going support of our coaches.





After School and Summer Enrichment

We provide scholars with enrichment during after school hours as well as during the summer months. Students have access to tutoring, sports activities, college tours, art, african drumming, environmental exploration tours, music and much more.